2 year licence to occupy a marina berth on Trinity Point Marina included in land purchase

The information contained in this offer letter is correct as at 5 March 2019 but is subject to change without notice. The purchaser is to confirm the availability of this offer and currency of terms and conditions, prior to relying upon the offer in any way.

The Offer

Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, the Johnson Property Group (JPG) will provide the purchaser of a block of land in the Trinity Point Estate (Estate) with a licence to occupy one marina berth (Berth)(1) on the Trinity Point Marina for a period of 2 years (Licence).

Terms and Conditions

#1 The Offer is available to the purchasers of the first 8 blocks Purchased(2) in the Estate after 1 March 2019 (Purchaser).

#2 The Licence will be conditional upon the Purchaser entering into a form of written licence agreement to be provided by JPG (Licence Agreement)(3).

#3 JPG shall provide the Licence Agreement within 7 days of the Purchaser Purchasing its block, or 28 days of receiving its certificate of occupancy for the Trinity Point Marina, pursuant to its development consent and relevant regulations, whichever being the latter.

#4 JPG reserve the right to withdraw the Licence (or the right to receive the Licence in due course) in the event that the Purchaser does not complete the purchase of its block within the Estate by the date for Completion stated on the contract of sale (Contract), or the adjusted date for Completion(4) as adjusted in accordance with the terms of that Contract;


on the 365th day after the Licence is issued, in the event that the Purchaser has not commenced construction of an approved residential house on its block of land in the Estate by that day.

(1) Single, standard size berth.
(2) “Purchased” means unconditional exchange of contracts, with receipt of contract deposit and cooling off period expired.
(3) A draft copy of a standard Licence Agreement is available on request.
(4) Completion means settlement of the Contract, including payment in full of the Contract sum.

In the above circumstances, the Purchaser shall have no further right to request a Licence under this Offer.

#5 JPG notes that, under the terms of the Licence Agreement, the Licence may be withdrawn by the Trinity Point Marina Manager (Manager)(5) at its discretion, in the event that the Purchaser fails to comply with the express terms of the Licence Agreement and in such circumstances, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to a reinstatement of the Licence under this Offer.

#6 The Licence and the Option shall not be transferable.

(5) Trinity Point 8 Marina Pty Ltd.