BBQ Boat Hire


  • No boat license required but you are the skipper you are responsible (don’t drink and drive).
  • Location of lifejackets and fire extinguisher.
  • Children 12 and under are required to wear lifejackets.
  • Demonstrate how to start engines and that they won’t start if kill cord is disconnected, or if in gear.
  • Client to show you putting boat into gear one engine at a time forward and reverse.
  • Demonstrate how to flush toilet and remind not to flush any foreign objects.
  • Demonstrate how to light BBQ and use sink.
  • Explain with the use of a map permitted area of operation.
  • Show how to lower and retrieve the anchor keeping chain away from the boat (never tie to a navigation marker in the lake). Can use pink moorings.
  • Remind to keep clear of vessels/people in water.
  • Do not beach the vessel or approach any wharves. Only at Trinity Point should the vessel come to a wharf.
  • Any incidents must be reported immediately.
  • Make sure engines are off before anyone enters the water for swimming.
  • No access to the roof at all for persons or storage. If you are seen on the roof your trip will be cancelled and bond forfeited.
  • Return times are to be strictly adhered to. Penalty for late returns.
  • Vessel is refuelled at end of trip, this cost is in addition to hire fee.
  • If not sure please call marina office anytime. Number is on boat signage.